Top Competition Leg Lock Finishes: Davi Ramos vs Brandon Magna

19 Feb

Yea, you guessed it…More leg lock finishes from Davi Ramos


Over the past few weeks, Chubejitsu has been featuring, analyzing, and dissecting some of the best leg lock finishes in competition. Davi Ramos has yet again managed to make the cut, and this week we will be taking a look at his match against Brandon Magna in the advanced absolute division at the Grappler’s Quest West Coast Championships.

Davi Ramos is hands down one of the best leg lockers out there on today’s competition scene. As you probably know already, he has vicious toe holds and knee bars.

This match is great because it displays how well Davi Ramos is able to navigate through different leg lock positions and alter his attacks to where he is positioned, all while being very patient and methodical.

Let’s take a look at the match:

That’s a pretty beastly toe hold…

Patience is a Virtue

So as we watch this match, it’s very noticeable that Davi is not the immediate aggressor. He pulls guard, and waits for his opponent, Brandon, to come to him.

As Brandon tests the waters of Davi’s guard, you can tell that he’s very cautious of Davi’s attacks from the bottom position (he has every right to be, I know I would be!). If Brandon has seen Davi’s style, he knows that his leg locks are some of his best submissions, so he plays it safe and picks his attacks carefully.

If we watch Davi play guard, then we can see him being almost statue-like. He is just kind of sitting there, not doing much. However, instead of attacking Brandon and potentially opening himself up, he waits patiently to capitalize on Brandon’s mistakes. You can tell that he is waiting for the perfect time to invert and roll into his oh-so favorite leg lock positions.

Although this may not be the most exciting thing to watch for most people, the technical aspects of this counter-attack situation are astounding if you really watch closely.

It might look like they are just scrambling when they engage and disengage, when really they are both being super technical in attacking and counter attacking.

The Inverted Roll

Once both players get more acclimated with each other’s styles, they both get a bit more comfortable and less conservative with their techniques.

Brandon gets just a little too close to Davi’s guard, and Davi takes full advantage by inverting and locking a grip up behind Brandon’s knee.

We see Davi work from this position a lot. It’s very impressive, because if you’ve been there before, then you know that it can be pretty easy for your opponent to squash you while you’re in that inverted kneebar position. It’s their entire body weight vs your grips on their leg, so it’s sometimes a losing battle.

However, Davi is able to use his leg that is under Brandon’s hips to elevate him, and eventually gets to the 50/50 guard as Brandon tires to frantically escape the leg lock attempt.

As both players end up in the 50/50 guard, Davi quickly locks up a toe hold on Brandon’s foot and bends it big time, getting the toe hold finish.


This match shows how being patient and having good counter attacks can be highly effective when trying to hit a leg lock on an opponent.

If you are ever rolling at your gym and you get stuck in the inverted kneebar position, watch this match, because it’s a great example of how to avoid being crushed from there.






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