North Kingstown BJJ Student Gets in Shape

19 Jan

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has many benefits, one of the greatest being its ability to get people into shape.

Most people look at Brazilian jiu jitsu solely as a martial art that teaches joint attacks and choke holds for self-defense and even sport.

What most people don’t realize, is that Brazilian jiu jitsu also alows its participants to reach high levels of optimal fitness and overall wellness.

One of my good friends and training partners, Mr. Joshua Colacone, has been lucky enough to experience this occurrence.

Josh came to our gym as a blue belt who had taken some time off and was looking to get back into the world of BJJ.

Feeling like he needed to get back on the horse, he joined us at Black Diamond Mixed Martial Arts Academy here in Rhode Island, and has become one of our best teammates and top instructors. (He runs a killer 101 class!)

When Josh first started training with us, he weighed about 215 pounds. As a few months passed, he lost more and more weight, and is now down to a grizzled and chiseled 170 pounds!

Josh Colacone before, and Josh Colacone After! Grizzled and chiseled to the max!

Not only has he lost almost 50 pounds just from training BJJ with us, but he also has become one of our BJJ 101 instructors, and does a damn good job as well. He does a great job of getting our students prepared and acclimated for the mastery level.

I have personally seen Josh make leaps and bounds in his cardio and endurance, not to mention his skills have surpassed anything he has possesed prior to his training and instructing at our academy.

Fitness and wellness is something that you can only obtain through hard work and effort, and Josh is one of the greatest examples of this. My hat’s off to him.

If you have ever considered the martial arts especially BJJ, as a way to get in shape, then by all means, be like Josh and take the initiative!










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