Who Ordered the Super Fight?

24 Sep

Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy watching a super fight?

A super fight is when two highly skilled grapplers clash head to head. It is the best grappling and jiu jitsu to watch in my opinion, because both fighters are usually very good competitors and both extremely well versed in their respective martial arts or fighting systems.


So here’s the deal guys, apparently with the help of Ralek Gracie, a tournament is being put together called Metamoris Pro. It’s a 14 man, 7 super fight tournament. The matches are 20 minutes in duration, but there are no points, no advantages, and the only way a fighter can win is by submission…Wow… The event is going to be on October 14 2012 and will be held in San Diego.

With that being said, here are the super fights that will be taking place:

Roger Gracie vs Marcus Buchecha Almeida

Andre Galvao vs Ryron Gracie

Kron Gracie vs Otavio Sousa

Jeff Glover vs Caio Terra

Jean Jacques Machado vs Nelson Monteiro

Kayron Gracie vs Rafael Lovato Jr

Dean Lister vs Kevin Casey

I can happily say that this event is going to be absolutely insane. I am excited for every fight on this card, but there are a few fights that I will especially be excited for.

The first of them being Roger Gracie vs Buchecha.

Roger Gracie is widely considered to be one of the best BJJ competitors in the world. He has been around for nearly a decade battling guys like Jacare, Terere, Andre Galvao, and a whole list of others. He is a strong positional fighter and uses very fundamental jiu jitsu to make his opponents look mediocre.

Buchecha is a fairly new black belt, but has been an unstoppable force in his recent years of competition. He won the worlds this year, and is showing no sign of slowing down.

Some people are saying that Rogers’ focus on MMA in the past few years has stifled his BJJ game, but we will see come October 14. It will be a killer match!

The second fight that I am especially looking forward to is Kron Gracie vs Otavio Sousa.

Kron Gracie is the son of Rickson Gracie, and has been on the competition scene for a few years now. He is extremely fun to watch, but i’ll get to that in a second. Otavio Sousa is a BJJ competitor from Gracie Barra, and has been on a tear lately since he won the worlds at middleweight black belt.

Like I said, Kron Gracie is fun to watch. The reason for this is because he is a total submission hunter. If you have ever watched him compete, he will sometimes lose a dominant position, but get the submission from it anyways. He has always trained this way, and with tournament rules like this, he is sure to display some seriously effective BJJ.

I think that this type of tournament could be a good thing for BJJ, because a lot of fighters and fans can sometimes have mixed feelings after a controversial referee decision. A submission is a definitive win, no ifs ands or buts about it. I am looking forward to watching this tournament, as I am sure you are too!

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3 Responses to “Who Ordered the Super Fight?”

  1. Josh September 25, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    Where are we watching this?!? this is gonna be AWESOME!

    • natechubay September 26, 2012 at 1:10 am #

      Going to be epic! they are doing live streams of it online so we can catch it there!


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